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Loan against property (LAP) is a secured loan option where individuals can leverage their owned real estate assets to secure funds for various financial needs.

Loan Against Property

What is Loan Against Property?

A Loan Against Property (LAP) is a secured loan where a borrower pledges their residential or commercial property as collateral to obtain funds from a financial institution. The loan amount is determined based on the property's value. Interest rates are typically lower than unsecured loans, and the repayment period can range from 5 to 15 years.


Eligibility Criteria for Loan Against Property


The documents required for a Loan Against Property (LAP) application in simple terms. It includes property papers like title deeds and valuation reports, along with personal financial documents such as income proof and ID. Submitting these documents accurately is crucial for a smooth LAP application process, enabling individuals to use their property for diverse financial needs.

Work Experience

Our customized solutions give you the freedom to use the value of your property for various financial needs. Whether you want to grow your business, support education, or achieve personal financial goals, our options can help. Enjoy good interest rates, easy repayment choices, and a simple application process that makes getting funds based on your property easy and efficient.

Credit Score

Above 750


18 – 70 years

Loan Amount

Get loans up to 1Cr, determined by your credit score

Employment Stability

At least 1 year in the current organization

LTV Ratio

Up to 90% of property value

Employment Type

Salaried, Self-employed Professional and Self-employed Non-Professional

Net Annual Income

At least Rs. 1.5 lakh p.a.

Property Type

Homes, shops, and factories can be used as security when taking a loan. The bank will check how old and well-maintained the property is before agreeing to accept it as security.

Document Required

To secure a Loan Against Property, submit essential documents such as ID proof, address proof, income statements, property papers, and financial records.

Proof of Identity

Proof of Income

For Salaried :
For Self Employed Individuals:

Proof of Address

Property-related Documents

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You Can Find All Answers Here

Yes, having a co-applicant is necessary for getting a Loan Against Property (LAP).
Lenders accept various types of properties like houses, flats, and commercial spaces for LAP.
The maximum loan tenure for Loan Against Property (LAP) depends on the lender, but it is typically around 15 to 20 years.