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Personal Loan

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is like borrowing money from a bank or a lending company for your own needs. It's not for buying a specific thing like a house or a car; instead, you can use it for various personal reasons. For example, you might take a personal loan to cover medical expenses, plan a wedding, or manage unexpected financial situations.


Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan


Only individuals can avail a personal loan and not businesses. Both salaried and self-employed individuals and professionals are eligible. That said, the criteria for eligibility can vary from one applicant to another. In the event that you are already paying an EMI towards a previous loan, your eligibility for a personal loan may go down. This is because your income in hand would be lower compared to a scenario where you are not already paying another EMI.

Work Experience

When applying for a personal loan, your work experience plays a crucial role. A stable job history and reliable income enhance your eligibility. Lenders consider factors like employment type, industry, position, and career progression. Changes in employment or gaps may raise concerns, so providing accurate and up-to-date information is essential for a successful loan application.

Credit Score

Above 750


18 – 60/65 years

Loan Amount

Get loans up to 10 Lakhs, determined by your credit score

Employment Stability

Most lenders typically ask for at least 1 year of work experience, with some requiring more.

Business Continuity

Typically, lenders may ask for a business track record of at least 3 years, and some may require an even longer period.

Employment Type

Fixed salary positions in well-known companies, both national and international, private and public sectors, government organizations, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and large businesses.

Document Required

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Proof of Identity

Proof of Income

For Salaried Professionals:
For Self Employed Individuals:

Proof of Address

Proof of Bussiness

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Credibility and Reputation

Look for customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings from reliable sources.

Interest Rates and Terms

Compare the interest rates offered by the platform with those of other lenders.

Customer Service and Support

Evaluate the quality of customer service and support provided by the platform.

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Approval times differ among lenders. Some online lenders offer quick approval decisions, often within a day, while traditional banks may take longer. Having all necessary documentation ready can expedite the process.
Some lenders specialize in providing personal loans to individuals with less-than-perfect credit. However, the interest rates may be higher, and the loan terms less favorable. It's essential to compare options and consider improving your credit before applying.
If you anticipate difficulty making a payment, it's essential to contact your lender immediately. Some lenders offer options such as loan modification or deferment. Failure to communicate with your lender may result in late fees or damage to your credit score.